We are so grateful for the people who partner with us through their giving, praying and fasting. Here are just a few examples of your impact.


  • Jumpstarted a small business to help pay off school loans.

  • Helped cover counseling sessions for multiple students.

  • Covered rent for a struggling Chinese exchange student.

  • Provided gas gift cards for family traveling out of state for medical treatments.

  • Paid for rent and childcare for single mom and son.

  • Bought substantial Walmart gift card for young, single mom of unplanned pregnancy to provide for her baby.

  • Sponsored long-term missionaries in California, Haiti and Japan.

  • Made donations to Habitat for Humanity and International Justice Mission.

  • Paid for students rent to help him avoid eviction.

  • Assembled team to move a family within Lexington community.

  • Provided financial assistance and advising to help student recover from significant credit card debt.

  • Purchased a crib for young family.

  • Provided a large dinner for mourning family.

  • Supplied groceries for struggling student.

  • Covered gas, water, and electric bill of down-and-out family.

  • Gifted lots of presents to children of incarcerated parents with Angel Tree.

  • Provided study materials for Fraternity Bible study.



Meet Alazar.

We are teaming up with Compassion International to sponsor Alazar. He is a 4 year old who lives with his parents in Northeastern Nazareth, Ethiopia. Our sponsorship allows the staff of Nazareth Kale Hiwot Church Student Center to provide him with Bible teaching, medical exams, counseling, health and hygiene campaigns, nutritious food, clothing, recreational activities, field trips, scholastic materials, tuition and tutoring. The center staff will also provide meetings for Alazar's parents.



Like Alazar, we met her through Compassion International. She is 18 years old and living with her family near Trivandrum, India. She gardens, farms, cleans, and buys and sells at the marketplace for her family. She loves reading, singing, and art. She's very involved in the Caldwell Child Development Center.