See your impact

Meet alazar.

We are teaming up with Compassion International to sponsor Alazar. He is a 4 year old who lives with his parents in Northeastern Nazareth, Ethiopia. Our sponsorship allows the staff of Nazareth Kale Hiwot Church Student Center to provide him with Bible teaching, medical exams, counseling, health and hygiene campaigns, nutritious food, clothing, recreational activities, field trips, scholastic materials, tuition and tutoring. The center staff will also provide meetings for Alazar's parents.

Write a quick encouraging note to Alazar and we'll make sure it gets to him.

Meet Kiruba.

Like Alazar, we met her through Compassion International. She is 18 years old and living with her family near Trivandrum, India. She gardens, farms, cleans, and buys and sells at the marketplace for her family. She loves reading, singing, and art. She's very involved in the Caldwell Child Development Center.

Go ahead and write to her below!

Mccall and joseph

Are a young couple (and CSF alumni!) serving in Haiti through a great organization known as Reach Haiti. (Read more about Reach Haiti Here.) We are really excited to donate to their cause as they serve on a long-term mission and extend hope and healthcare to those who need it.

Use the space below to let Joseph and McCall know how awesome they are and that you're praying for them!

somewhere in this picture is kristyn.

She's a friend of ours that is doing some pretty amazing things in Haiti. She's there on a long-term mission trip with a team building a hospital and providing medical attention to folks who otherwise have a hard time getting it. We thought her work was so cool and so important, so we've decided to band together and help her fund her trip.

Use the space below to let Kristyn know how amazing she is.