Who we are

Yo. My name is Jared. I'm the handsome one on the left. To the right is my buddy Keith.

Other than mooching workspaces off of local coffee shops, there's nothing really that special about us. We're not ordained pastors or leaders of a church. We're recent graduates from the University of Kentucky working full-time at Christian Student Fellowship, which is a sweet campus ministry at UK. A project we were asked to lead is Five Dollar Fast.

But we want Five Dollar Fast to become way more than just a project.

If there's anything special about us, it's that we've taken an assignment and made it a heartache. We are dedicated to serving the people of Lexington, KY. And after remembering the power of the internet, we are dedicated to serving a few folks around the world as well. 

How can we do it? Through a community of fasting and prayer.

We've got a sneaking suspicion that we're not the only ones willing to skip one meal per week to help single moms provide for their babies. We're also pretty sure we're not the only ones willing to give the $5 we didn't spend on said lunch so that a family struggling with medical bills can get back on their feet. 

That's exactly it. We're not the only ones. We're a community of people fasting, praying, and giving five bucks for lunches we don't buy. And oh yeah. I almost forgot the best part.

We do it all in Jesus' name.